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Stone And Tile Adhesive

Latex Adhesive

Epoxy Grout

Wall Putty

Screed Mix

  • Virsun 299 Thick Bed Mortar Mix

    Brand : Virsun

    Color : White and Grey

    Packaging Size : 20kg, 50 kg

    Surface of Application : Ceramic

    Shelf life : 1 year If stored off the ground In a dry area

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    Virsun 299 Thick Bed Mortar Mix

  • ready mix

    Brand Name : Ready Mixture

    Brand : Virsun

    Form : Powder

    Packaging Size : 40kg

    Advantages : High Strength, Shock & impact resistant, Water retaining & self-curing, Improved bond strength

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    ready mix

Other Products

  • Sun Waterproofing Adhesive

    Brand : Virsun

    Color : Black

    Pack Size : 5 Ltr, 20 Ltr

    Coverage : Approx. 275-300 sqft per 20 ltr pail

    Features : Non-flammable, Water cleanable when fresh

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    Sun Waterproofing Adhesive

  • Tile Grout Admix

    Form : Liquid

    Packing Size : 100ml, 200ml, 500ml

    Applications : Residential, commercial, external facades and wet areas

    Mixing Ratio : Use approx. 400 ml of water or Virsun Tile Grout Admix for 1 kg

    Feature : Non-shrinking & non-cracking

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    Tile Grout Admix

  • Sun Tile Cleaner

    Advantages : Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Bio-degradable, Low

    Application : For hard stains like oil, grease and fats

    Brand : Virsun

    Packaging Size : 1 Ltr

    Care Instructions : Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not inhale.

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    Sun Tile Cleaner

  • Tile Spacers

    Type : Tile Spacers, Other

    Material : Brass, Mild Steel, Nickel Silver, Rubbers, Stainless Steel, Other

    Shape : Round, Square, Triangular, Other

    Thickness : 10-12mm, 12-14mm, 14-16mm, 16-18mm, 18-20mm, 4-5mm, 5-6mm, 6-8mm, 8-10mm, Other

    Certifications : ISO 9001:2008

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    Tile Spacers